The 5 Most Essential Make Up Brushes

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There are several different types of brushes available to apply makeup, but to complete a flawless look there are five must-haves: eye shadow brush, lip brush, powder brush, concealer brush, and angle brush. 

Eye Shadow Brush 

The number one brush is the basic eye shadow brush. It is shaped in a semi-circle to apply color to the eyelid. This brush is good for feathering eye shadows onto the lid and blending to eliminate harsh lines. 

Lip Brush 

The lip brush is a woman's second must-have in her make up arsenal. With it's rounded tip that comes to a point, this small brush is designed to apply lipstick and gloss within the contour's of a woman's lips. 

Powder Brush 

The powder brush is recognized by its larger size. It's also often referred to as the fluffy brush, the blender brush and the foundation brush. This versatile tool can be used to apply powder or mineral foundation, blush, translucent powder and bronzer. There are many different types of powder brushes to choose from. Experiment to find the best option. 

Concealer Brush 

The concealer brush is very thin, which allows it to more effectively hide or minimize blemishes and dark spots. It also supports blending of the concealer and foundation more efficiently. 

Angle Brush 

The angle brush is a smart alternative to a harsh eyebrow pencil, with the use of cream or gel liner instead. It can also can turn eye shadow into eyeliner and brow liner. This small, flat rectangular brush angles at the tip - hence the name. This brush also effectively applies shadow to the crease of the eye for the smoky look. 

The Right Tools 

Quality make up brushes aren't cheap. But it's smarter and more cost effective in the long run to pay more for quality now, than to buy cheap brushes that don't do the job right and replace them far more often. By following manufacturer instructions for cleaning and maintaining these brushes they should last a long time. It's important to have the right tools to do the job well. With these five essential brushes a woman can create virtually any look desired.

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The 5 Most Essential Make Up Brushes

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This article was published on 2013/09/05