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Tera, along with a few years of my time I don't praise it exactly have much good but it in my heart status is high indeed say no credit also have GuLao maybe it's biggest contribution and only GuLao!!!!! To write this article is mainly leave a little evidence, not armor weapons only say fashion and horses whole body a total of 480 yuan horses is dark horse with a set of 2 makaay fashion the groom in a holster muluntau use brush out one and half months, so this article predestined friends the human to the article mainly is to teach you how to brush as a don't plug the RMB for players on the second gold hands said brush nobody dare to first
Alchemy-single brush article
The article level 50
1, level 20: the article 20 levels of everyone will have a biggest pursuit of buy a horse yellow horse even if it ran so slow way still ugly but after all let everybody have a difficult horse with pleasure. Buy horse needs 10 gold at level 20 how to get the first bucket of gold? One is saved! How to save Tera Gold
? Can't sit carriage!!!!! Want to send with The Three Kingdoms to change old COINS transmit flag!!!!! Play blame things are sold never bag full of too lazy to run lost must be sold to the grocer and no matter dozen rare BOSS or play blame off the "free and unfettered stone" is to sell the basic 2 gold buying horses level 20 or so is not a problem!
2, level 50 level 50 do make the task of money is just enough you learn the skills 10 million don't be stupid to buy things but like a level 35 45 level 40 level cyst new recruits are making money choice open absolutely!!!!! In Gold to change the token open things (BiWen spirit, too a) changed hands a sell could make 10 Gold level 50 early not suitable for Tera make Gold

The late level 50 articles
1, battlefield ShuaQian: the battlefield brush Tera Gold the highest cost-effective is 50 "JingXiang retreat standing" and 73 of the deduction of the deduction of 73 was follow brush is no skills into an average of 10 Gold a around 30 minutes a game
The two battlefield is whether good or bad of the best equipment making money is also upgrade equipment must go to the battlefield of key battlefield here said retreat
Is the battlefield can no matter not just unilateral equipment really no matter za said equipment is equipped with the equipment you not others equipment that is others better equipment my door the equipment you can follow mix can! X But 50 retreat in the can indeed whether equipment! I don't want to do too much explanation I only said secret: "single brush, only kill three BOSS" as the saying goes teacher brought in individual will practice the door single brush brush ACTS son how to list are in practice to practice
Special note: single brush a level 50 number 30 W experience with zen incense is if 60 W experience to play after a BOSS to let first dozen to begin a NPC cat can't leak this much I can say master......
2, the battlefield ShuaQian: how to don't brush battlefield earn Tera online Gold? Arabian nights? Now that you have the patience to see here I will tell you, the map of the brush small BOSS specific BOSS coordinates baidu check on each BOSS in article 15 line kill of the each map there are 4 BOSS a map has 45 BOSS45 a BOSS off 12 "free and unfettered stone" is very easy to a map of the 30 minutes a free and unfettered stone 2 gold didn't sell people buy low price is flawless do serial stone bag earn not to compensate!!!!!
It skill so much but you should benefit someone will ask! Why not say brush pen? Some secret text? Question! For the teacher tell you! As long as is the perfect have nothing can make Tera online Gold brush pen? Now brush pen want to single brush to depend on, you do? If you then cattle will not to see the patient RMB player pain Herbert!!!!! Some BiWen? BiWen so well off a perfect why a yuan operator too? Do things in the probability of Tera all can be thought of as "don't look at how much the how much greater than % % those who point BiWen made very few people if there is also good luck they their success is built in at least three and he spent as much on the basis of the principal players!
Alchemy-N start
A little some basis for the players know this word does not do double open explain if you are going to have been playing down so many do small number is the most rapid honour safety Tera make Gold, more than two small every day not only experienced to 16 class small used to do??????? 2 use! 1, fishing sell fish book 2, do katsuhiro otomo brush "bronze spindle" and "grey charcoal" if you have 100 small calculate to calculate how much money if you then diligent with small kept again at the fire is now said to have a lot of income is also the darts.......
No matter that the way to ease is no this also is RMB life also is the life's life
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Teach you how to make money Tera players

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This article was published on 2011/09/21